Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Regrow Black Hair

Black hair can regrow healthy and strong with the proper care.
Relaxers, blow drying, curling irons, and hot combs are all common styling techniques and tools used on black hair. When done incorrectly or too often, these techniques can cause fragile black hair to suffer damage in the form of hair breakage and even hair loss. If you have lost hair, the good news is that you can regrow it and learn new hair care habits that can lessen the chance of damaging your hair in the future.

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      Cut off your hair's damaged or split ends to prevent your hair from breaking off further up the shaft. Cut your hair so that it is even and neat. Because you will have to live with the look of your hair until it fully regrows, find a hairstyle that is suited to the length of your current hair and ask your hairdresser to recreate it for you. Trim your hair every 8 to 12 weeks after that to remove damaged ends.
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      Stop relaxing and go natural while you regrow your hair. Black hair in its natural state is strong and elastic and will have the opportunity to grow without the threat of being overly weak from harsh chemicals. If you must relax, wait a minimum of eight weeks between touch-ups or until you have 1 to 1 1/2 inches of new growth.
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      Shampoo once a week with the correct shampoo for your hair type to keep your hair and scalp clean for regrowth. Washing your hair daily strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils and results in both dry hair and a dry scalp. Stimulate your scalp by massaging it with your fingertips as you shampoo to encourage hair growth. Condition your hair after each shampoo and apply a deep conditioner at least once a month for strength.
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      Style your hair without using direct heat. Avoid the stress of curling irons and blow dryers by opting to wet set your hair with rollers, and dry your hair with a hooded hair dryer. Do a hair wrap if you have opted to continue to relax your hair. A hair wrap involves misting your hair with a setting lotion and wrapping it in a circular motion around the head, using your head as the roller. Sit under a hooded dryer until dry and comb down.
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      Tie your hair up at night using a silk scarf or a satin bonnet. Switch your pillow case to one that is satin covered. Avoid sleeping on cotton pillowcases that will grab, dry-out and further break the hair that you are trying to regrow.
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      Drink plenty of water on a daily basis to keep your body hydrated. Eat a well-balanced diet for the proper nutrition required for hair growth.

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  1. My hair is healthy, I cut my split end regularly but its just too thin for my liking. What can I do to thicken it

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